$ 100,000 credit for a year – Mantra Give Google Cloud Platform

According to Google, the new program can help more young entrepreneurs to benefit from

the cloud and get a lot of resources to develop and implement their own ideas received $

100,000 in credits for use on cloud platforms and the ability to contact Google’s technical


This offer is only used to start with less than 5 years of life around the world meet certain

requirements – they must be under the guidance of a business incubator, business accelerator

or a fund venture capitalists, all accredited and certified clear; not benefit from loans from the

computer platform of cloud computing other; not receive funding $ 5 million; and annual

turnover does not exceed $ 500,000 per year.


Through a post on Google’s blog said that the launch can benefit from this offer and start

using the infrastructure platform and we use Google. For example, Headspace is helping

millions of people healthy and happy memory than using Google Cloud Platform for

Startups. Thousands of application startup has grown successfully on the Google Cloud

Platform and has grown to serve about ten million users.

Through this fund, the purpose of Google which are encouraged young people to use the

service infrastructure in the cloud. This provides support Google Cloud Platform philosophy

as it wants developers to focus on code and not worry about infrastructure management.

Thousands of new businesses have to imagine the success of the project on Google’s cloud

platform, and the current project will attract ten million users, thus directly and indirectly

benefited Google.

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