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Forefront of the cloud computing market changed rapidly with the confirmation from Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and many others

One way to stay abreast of market cloud computing is rapidly changing to get the train on the platform leading cloud computing, open source technologies and vendors make up the industry this is increasingly important. Here are some of the leading infrastructure-as-a-service computer certificate (IaaS) cloud, listed in alphabetical order. It is not a list that includes all.

Memphis 20121. Certified Solutions Architect Amazon

Description: This knowledge of construction inspection using cloud computing Amazon Web Services and how to deploy the application on it. Topics include how to design and deploy applications on AWS, the entrance and exit of data to and from AWS, select the appropriate services and know AWS AWS best practices about is axis.

Training / competition: AWS provides direct and online training seminars. The exams are proctored by Kryterion, including testing centers worldwide. Thi is 80 minutes multiple choice / multiple answer.

Cost: $150; $20 for practice exam

Other similar certificates: AWS also provides a solution architects Certified Professional; AWS Certified Associate Developer; AWS Certified Associate Administrator SysOps and AWS Certified Professional Engineer Devops

2. CompTIA Cloud + Certification

Description: This exam is from the Association of Computer Technology Industry and is meant to demonstrate knowledge of the model of cloud computing, virtualization, infrastructure management, security and governance resources. It is meant for data center computing, network, or storage administrators want to impart their knowledge to the cloud computing platform IaaS.

Cost: $277

Other similar certificates: There are many training programs independent third party and such other certificates and CloudSchool.com CloudAcademy.com. CBT Nuggets provides training on a variety of topics, including cloud computing. CompTIA Cloud Essentials is a cloud CompTIA certifications focus meant for managers or non-IT staff.

3. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

Description: The CCSK from the tests of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) independently for an extensive knowledge of cloud security topics, including architecture, governance, compliance, operations dynamic, encryption and virtualization.

Requirements: The body of knowledge for CCSK exam is safe CSA guidelines for critical areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3, and the Office of the European Union for the Network and Information Security ” Cloud Computing Benefits :., risks and recommendations for information security ”

Cost: $345

4. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cloud

Description: Cisco CCNA test cloud from a variety of cloud topics, including cloud characteristics and deployment, knowledge of cloud network, end user support, infrastructure management floors, reimbursement and payment, cloud computing providers, system management and remedial. It focuses on cloud computing products Cisco and takes effect in three years. There is also a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Cloud implementation. Cisco provides training courses for both.

Cost: $499

5. Developer Qualified Google Cloud Platform

Description: Google offers a platform for the implementation of cloud computing focuses on the different specialties in the Google Cloud. Users pass all year to become a qualified Google Cloud Platform development. Topics include: Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Big query, and Google Compute Engine.

Cost: $100 for each exam; year of exams to become a qualified Google Cloud Platform Development

6. IBM Certified Solution Architect – Infrastructure cloud

Description: This test design implementation and management principles of an infrastructure of IBM cloud computing, including a roadmap for planning, systems integration, configuration and management of transport resources operator, service provider and maintenance of the cloud.

Cost: $ 200 for the developed countries; $ 100 in emerging countries.

Other similar certificates: IBM has a variety of different cloud certification, which has an application developer certification, which focuses on the company’s proficiency BlueMix PaaS providers, as well as an advisor Solution Certified Cloud Architect, which is for technical sales of cloud computing

7. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

Description: Microsoft has confirmed three Azure IaaS public cloud; if you complete all of you is a solution Azure Architect. personal certificate including a developer concentrate on one, a performance expert for IT professionals and an architectural one.

Toward the private cloud, performance, focusing on five aspects of configuring and managing Windows Server and System Center.

Microsoft offers classes both in person as well as books and online courses together.

Cost: $150

8. OpenStack Management Certification

Description: Starting from mid-2016, the OpenStack Foundation (governing body for open source projects) will offer a certification program for OpenStack governance. This test will be done from the Linux Foundation

Other similar certificate: Many companies in the open source OpenStack project provides training and certification of their own.

9. Rackspace CloudUCertification

Description: Rackspace Rackspace CloudU develop educational programs as a cloud vendor neutrality is designed to educate individuals on the basic principles of cloud computing. Topics include economics of cloud computing, understanding different stacks and cloud best practices for cloud migration and configuration. There is a final exam at the end of 10 sessions for free online.

Other similar certification: certified Rackspace others, including OpenStack Training courses and training courses for the Open Cloud Linux Sys Admins and Oscar upon network operators.

10. Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud

Description: Red Hat offers a variety of certificate certified architects, including those in the cloud, cloud technologies, system administrators, hybrid cloud, platform as a services, virtualization and OpenStack. A user completes any securities in the cloud became a certified architect.

Cost: Most training courses cost around $600 and takes three hours, or in person, at a meeting or through on-site training.

11. VMware Certified Professional – Cloud (VCP-Cloud)

The company provides the certification: VMware

Description: Confirm the ability to install, configure and manage a cloud computing environment using vCloud Director and related components. Including environmental management and the concept vSphere infrastructure cloud computing include management / private / hybrid cloud, multi-tenancy, security and cloud computing.

Requirements / Cost: Users must participate in a training course requirement (cost of various courses) and pass the exam proctored VCPC550, which costs $225

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