The cheaper version is now available to run Jobs Low Priority

Some departments in your company without cloud computing resources to implement high-

performance task, right? Because Google has just format a plan to serve these needs. Google

launches virtual machine preempt, a new cloud service allows the use of computing resources

at low cost. The proposal is consistent with the workload has low priority and may, therefore,

be interrupted.

The search giant has introduced a cloud computing platform that costs less than the new

default setting is 70% on Compute Engine. Virtual machines can preempt do cheaper, about $

0.01 for each case / hour. Most reasonable cost for each virtual machine can now range from

$ 0.03 per hour, up to $ 0.11 an hour or more. The problem is the virtual machine may stop

working when you need it or face the peak period.

The company argued, however, that the offer (in beta) served very well the different

computing tasks. The company was cited, for example, a significant number of jobs that can

be distributed among multiple virtual machines. However, it would be a bad idea to apply this

method to analyze the process, modeling and simulation requires high computing power and

replied immediately.


To provide these services, Google will use the free space in its data center. At that time is a

peak in demand and Google need more resources, virtual machines join preempt the virtual

machine calculator is repeated and disrupt the current process. Users receive a notification

about the time 30 seconds, which should be enough to save your work. Google said preempt

virtual machine can not run for more than 24 consecutive hours.

According to Google’s article, “all kind of computer is at least 10 minutes. For example, if

you run your example in 2 minutes, you will be charged for 10 minutes of use. After 10

minutes, the case is calculated by the increase of 1 minute, rounded to the nearest minute. for

example, a case that will be live for 12 minutes 11:25 minutes of use. ”

According to Google, there are many that use cloud computing and scalable pricing model to

calculate quite deep, but short-term assignments. It includes video encoding, reproduction of

visual effects and are based on large amounts of information, such as data analysis,

simulation, and genes.

The solution is quite similar to that of Spot Instances offered by Amazon Web Services

(AWS). The other AWS model price. Google has a fixed cost while competitors prices vary

according to the needs.

The market leader AWS cloud often reduce their prices. The company is facing tough

competition with Google and Microsoft to maintain its leading position in the clouds and try

to attract more developers to its solutions at a lower price, hardware services and more

advanced technology. Microsoft, on the other hand, progressed enough to be a serious threat

to Amazon’s dominance in the market.

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