Is the cloud computing make your life more helpful?

In 2007, the term” Cloud Computing” (ACW) came back and you can understand it aa a metaphor aiming for the Website, so it is known as services, applications, storage) chairing web which people use to connect the internet day by day.

You can see the example about the Cloud Computing is that when you surf in the various application such as Microsoft or Google is you are using this service of the cloud computing. User can use some application in the cloud computing such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Salesforce, Hotmail, Google Calendar, and Gmail which ask you to connect to these as connecting the Website.

Why you want to use Cloud Computing?

Generally, almost cooperation want to reduce the cost as long as connected providing by a way of seting up or installing this special application and programs like Cloud Computing. Regarding to enterprises, when using Cloud Computing, instead of buying 500 their dedicate data email service of other service, this application will help them to connect with 500 business by sharing resources with each other. Therefore, this terminology “cloud” is talked above and related to the Wed.

Overtime, there is a fast increase in the number of enterprises who uploaded their utilization in the Web and connected to various computing platform such as Linux, Mac and Windows.

A Virtual Machine moves from a cloud Server Rack to the other

A Virtual Machine moves from a cloud Server Rack to the other

What do you need from the Cloud Computing?

Cooperation apply and run the Ease of Access as personal application which is located in the offices and if you want to see it run smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary for caring about maintenances, the time and the price. So, in this case, despite of choosing this applications, it use the same app on the Wed facing serve. And application supplier and a data center also deal with improving, running and maintaining.Furthermore, companies will allow their associates and user to use instead of setting up more everything on this systems.

Efficiency- you should care about that enterprise almost use Google Drive and office 360 without using Opening Office or Microsoft Office as before. Enterprises don’t need to care too much, not spending time on maintenance, licensing free and posting, instead, it only compete the work naturally.

Cost effective- if you apply this application, you don’t need to pay more money with the natural feature, however, if you want to use more functions of apps, you must pay money for their requirements.

Security- this applications is safe and it only suitable for the independence of activities of serves without being suitable for classified data.

Flexibility- it is easy to adapt to your demand, add or delete users, establish standard and time.

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