These guarantees are now in an era of SMAC

With the increase of SMAC, the data security company is at risk of moving away from the previous control environment, which requires organizations to develop their IT architecture to ensure data safety on multiple platforms

We only had half of the year, but cybercrime incidents in 2015 has surpassed the total number of computer crimes in 2014. In fact, following the findings of a report by ASSOCHAM, India could touch a figure of 300,000 tons walloping in 2015, almost doubling from 2014.

The large increase in cyber crime incidents may be due to the popularity of the growing social media, developing the use of mobile technology in the enterprise, increasing emphasis on analysis and big data, and move seamlessly with cloud services. Along called SMAC (social media, analysis, mobility and cloud), increased use of these technologies has led to the company’s data security moves out of control feedforward, indoor environment. Today, corporate data is delivered through the cloud, mobile platforms and social enterprises where IT do not have any visibility nor control.


Certainly, the increase of SMAC has changed the security situation in the last few years. The number of points of contact has increased, thereby increasing the security controls are implemented. “SMAC has multiplied the value added for businesses, but it is passed has made security leaders to the drawing board once again to draw an updated framework to address security challenges”, Sachin Jain, CIO, Evalueserve said.


Such information is very common today across multiple devices and platforms, the traditional method of building a digital fortresses to protect secure on-premise IT infrastructure will not suffice. Therefore, security leaders need to give the new strategy to secure corporate data.


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