KubeCon Cloud Native Computing Foundation donation

Clouds Native Computing Foundation to host and organize the event in the future KubeCon
The Cloud Computing Native Foundation (CNCF), a project to the Linux Foundation, and organization dedicated to promoting the development of applications and services of natural cloud, announced acceptance of a “project” according to its management-KubeCon, community conference is Kubernetes.
The donation is the only CNCF KubeCon for here is not a software project, but a community meeting, which will benefit from the “well oil (community conference) machine” that provides Linux Foundation, according Jacks Kismatic Joseph’s, the original organization KubeCon.


KubeCon is a conference dedicated to education and community participation of Kubernauts (Kubernetes enthusiasts). Kubernetes is an opinionated framework for building distributed systems or, in other words, a container Orchestrator. KubeCon organizers estimated that about 1,500 people attended the next part of the conference will be held in November 2016 in Seattle. This number of attendees standing is a significant jump from about 600 people attending the inaugural conference in 2015 in San Francisco, and about 500 people participated in the March 2016 edition held in London.
This third part of the conference will focus on end users, especially those running Kubernetes deployed in a production environment, slowing down the number of suppliers and product-centric spots. The event will retain the same original program, and the talks will range from introduction to advanced user. Commission program are encouraged to submit projects to address cloud computing originated.
In the CNCF under their jurisdiction, KubeCon will join partners its software projects, Kubernetes, which had previously been awarded to CNCF. Both speakers KubeCon list and list of participants are benefiting from the “project” – This most recent donation.
“The Cloud Computing Native Foundation is thrilled to hosting such an event KubeCon CNCF. As a commons for the cloud computing project originated, we are looking forward to expand outside Kubernetes CNCF community to bring more cloud computing community originated in the same place,”Chris Aniszczyk, interim executive director of CNCF said. “We also look forward to promoting education by indigenous cloud hosting our own CloudNativeDay. Co-located with the North American ContainerCon, CloudNativeDay helps face-to-face collaboration with a number of leading technology advances and promote cloud computing is derived.”

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