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Intel wants its customers to install the cloud in less than a day. Interesting work but not easy.

In order to be in a position of thought leadership, Intel, which never get tired with the “Intel Inside” of it, now claim that cloud computing will significantly expand the scope of the world digital. This is a very attractive offer for the most large enterprises, medium and small as they struggle to extend the range and reduce operating costs on the one hand, and facing the unknown competition from the most unexpected places.

The chipmaker, which has many years of dominating space and computer processor is actively positioning itself as the company cloud computing technology, announced a series of new technologies, investment and industrial cooperation in order to make it easier to deploy cloud agility and scalability to the enterprise can deliver new services faster and boost revenue growth. “The cloud is for everyone,” said Diane Bryant, VP and GM’s premium, at Intel. Since the company launched “cloud For All” program last year, they left no stone unturned in their efforts to get off the ground 10-12000 cloud as soon as possible. Intel’s aim is to help its customers to be able to set up a cloud in less than a day.


Tens of thousands of new clouds unleashing

Clouds in many places it is a great result is evident from what users have to say. John O’Connell, senior VP and educational publishing company Houghton Mifflin creative content Harcourt (HMH), said that “education is undergoing profound transformation because technology is bringing change higher new, dynamic, the accessibility and participation, and hence more chances. Now we can update the content faster, and content specifically designed to match students needs. and now we can predict student outcomes and preventive action “. HMH has developed for storage and data security. “And this trend is only going to go up,” said O “Connell. Cloud is changing how organizations can handle and serve customers, is very clear from Sandeep Rao too, major technological outsourcing at NASDAQ. “with cloud computing centers and data, we can move much more frequent service to high-priority items, and that will become a major issue for companies financial services, their partners and customers. ”

There seems to be no area where the cloud is changing the rules of the game. Dr. Joe Gray, president of the Biomedical Engineering Department at the Health & Science University Cancer May Oreqon believe university cooperation has been established to coordinate with other agencies on research and personalized ma drugs, was able to collect and analyze data from millions of patients, which led to the exact medicine and patient care.

Cloud becomes really successful is a great desire of investors too. The industry has more than $17.5 billion related cloud VC funding in the past 5 years. Revenue growth from sales of cloud computing and cloud software capable of touching 28% today. And as open source becomes very important, Intel is pushing its partners and its customers is difficult to open.

As part of its cloud initiatives for all, Intel is investing in other people in the industry to promote the SDI-enabled cloud, optimizing key technologies, and industry arrangements industry to promote the development of standards and the cloud computing solution is easy to deploy. Intel is working with to bring CoreOS and Mirantis technologies two of the most popular open source to arrange containers and applications on virtual machines. The combination of these two technologies into a single solution will simplify choice for operators cloud computing to promote the adoption of cloud computing solutions.

Rosy but not easy

While businesses want flexibility and choice in deploying cloud computing model to support innovation while maintaining control of strategic assets to their best, the challenges are many. Despite the willingness to invest in infrastructure software modern definition (SDI), businesses find their potential customers to do so is complicated and time consuming. Orran Kreiger, founding director of cloud computing initiative at Boston University, said that “the cloud is currently owned, operated, and controlled by a single vendor, and limited research and innovation, which is one of the main USP of a cloud computing platform. such clouds are also security issues, and because vendors lock-in costs start going up ” . While the dream is pink, the road to dream is not easy. Experts such as Alex Freedland, co-founder of Mirantis, and Susan Blocher, VP at HP Enterprises are giving cloud a time frame of 5-10 years before it became so prevalent and popular that even users will not think or even know about the infrastructure to their IT.

Intel is firing on all cylinders to extend and support the ecosystem, which will eventually help its processors to sell more. IIntel and VMware announced a network of Centers of Excellence in order to accelerate the deployment of cloud computing. These centers will drive custom optimization, enabling proof-of-concept testing, and integration best practices for network security.

The company also announced Cloud Computing Native Foundation (CNCF) cluster computing applications tested the world’s largest cloud applications, “born in the cloud.” Will include more than 1,000 cluster nodes Intel Xeon-based server designed to give developers the opportunity to test applications on a larger scale and deliver the efficiency and portability of applications indigenous cloud for businesses.

To ensure that the ecosystem is built quickly, is expanding its Intel Cloud Builders program it includes cases using SDI and promote efforts to optimize ecosystem enables customers to take full use of the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and automated orchestration. The new program stored builders also used to promote the industry, next-generation storage solution cloud-ready by promoting greater innovation by matchmaker between ecosystem cloud computing.

“Its going to be tens of thousands of clouds, and not just 10-12000 cloud”, clarified Diane. Optimism seems not very misplaced.

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